Sharmila Duppala

Sharmila Duppala
PhD Student
University of Maryland, College Park

sduppala [at]
sduppala [at]

I am a Ph.D. student in the Computer Science department at the University of Maryland, College Park, where I am fortunate to be co-advised by professors Aravind Srinivasan and John P. Dickerson. Prior to that, I was at the Computer Science department in Stony Brook University where I was very lucky to be advised by Prof. Rezaul Chowdhury. My thesis was focussed on reusable resource-allocation problem.

My current research spans Randomized Algorithms, Probabilistic Models and Fairness. My interests broadly focus in two directions :
(1) Algorithms for online stochastic matching models: Specifically, design and competitive analysis of algorithms under different online stochastic settings like KIID (Known IID distribution arrivals) and Random Order Arrivals.
(2) Algorithmic fairness in combinatorial optimization: Understanding the algorithmic challenges of incorporating "acceptable" and "meaningful" notions of fairness into stochastic and combinatorial optimization problems arising in ride-sharing, internet advertising, crowdsourcing markets, kidney-exchange markets, etc. Further, I am interested in understanding the merits and limitations of the fairness criteria in providing solutions to the underlying optimization problem.


Dec 1

Our paper titled “Rawlsian Fairness in Online Bipartite Matching, Two-sided, Group and Individual’’ got accepted to AAAI 2023!

Aug 16

I was at KDD poster session for our recent paper on Fair Labeled Clustering at KDD 2022, Washington D.C.

May 28

I started my summer internship with Pan Xu from NJIT on Online Matching problems.


Rawlsian Fairness in Online Bipartite Matching, Two-sided, Group and Individual
AAAI 2023, December 2022
Fair Labeled Clustering
KDD 2022, May 2022
Rawlsian Fairness in Online Bipartite Matching, Two-sided, Group and Individual
AAMAS 2022 Extended Abstract, January 2022
Online minimum matching with uniform metric and random arrivals
Operation Research Letters 2022, January 2022
Improved MapReduce Load Balancing through Distribution-Dependent Hash Function Optimization
ICPADS 2021, December 2020
Data races and the discrete resource-time tradeoff problem with resource reuse over paths.
SPAA 2019, June 2019

Personal, but work related


I love running! I registered for my first official half-marathon, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half-Marathon at Washington D.C. on March 18, 2023.

Bouldering Competition

I competed in my first bouldering competition in Spring 2022 at Purdue Boulder Up! in Women’s Beginner division (V0-V3).

Inclusivity & Engagement
  • I volunteered and co-designed (along with Arghya Sadhukhan) introductory material on group theory for high school girls at Girls Talk Math during the Summer of 2021.
  • I co-organized CATS (Captial Area Theory Seminar) at University of Maryland, College Park with Nathaniel Grammel during Fall 2021 and Spring 2022.